GJ™ 4 oz. Bottle

GJ™ 4 oz. Bottle

GJ™ 4 oz. Bottle

GJ™ 4 oz. bottle of ALG Defense's lubricant Biosynthetic, Ultra High Lubricity, Non-Gumming, and Non-Toxic


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GJ™ 4 oz. Bottle

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4 oz. bottle of ALG Defense's firearm lubricant

Engineered specifically for the total-loss, boundary lubrication system that is characteristic of all firearms, ALG Go-Juice (GJ™) possesses unique properties that will keep your weapon running in the most adverse conditions.  

The most important property of a firearm lubricant is its lubricity or “slickness." In comparison to military grade CLP, Go-Juice is 500% more slick as determined by laboratory tests.  Other key characteristics of a good gun lube are corrosion resistance and long term stability or resistance to breakdown that leads to gumminess and a gun that won’t function. ALG Go-Juice is made up of highly oxidation resistant molecules that perform exceptionally well in ALG Defense's accelerated aging tests and salt spray tests.

As a biosynthetic oil, the fundamental building blocks of Go-Juice’s oil molecule is a GMO oil seed that has been bred specifically for its lubrication properties. Being an engineered bio-based oil, ALG Go-Juice needs none of the heavy metals and toxic additives that other lubricants can use. Therefore, ALG Go-Juice needs no hazardous label and testing on synthetic human tissue has shown no tendency to even irritate skin. 

Perfect for automatic weapons and concealed carry guns, we think that you will find ALG Go-Juice to be your ultimate “Go To Firearm Lubricant."

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Size 4oz./118mL

GJ™ 4 oz. Bottle

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Super Slick!! - emkay

I am new to the AR platform. When I was researching 'toys' for my first AR, I came across with Geissele and instantly became a huge fan of Mr Geissele and his products.

This stuff is super slick!! I had been using a well-known non-toxic synthetic oil but because of its high price, I decided to give this oil a shot. Right on bullseye! This oil is very thin (low viscosity) and flows very well into tight spaces. A little runny but I use Go-Juice Grease when that is an issue.

My AR and pistols run very well with it. Even after 500 rounds through the barrel, it is still present.

Love it. Love the price. Thank you for providing us with such great product at the great price!!

May 28th, 2017

ALG GO-JUICE worked when others did not - Robert

Had cycling problems with my S&W Victory 22LR because I was using ELEY Olympic 22 match ammo which has a slower velocity. As the pistol got dirty, the slide would not cycle and had jams (1 in about every 25 rounds). Used nationally known lubricants, but wasn't until used GO-JUICE that cycling has become 100% dependable. Can't wait to pick up one of the Abraham & Moses.fixed blade knives that had a chance to hold at the Great American Outdoor Show. As always, Geissele creates WINNERS!

February 24th, 2017
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