Frequently Asked Questions

Which distributors sell Geissele Automatics triggers?

The full line of Geissele Automatics's triggers is available from the following distributors:

  • Brownell's
  • Midway
  • Primary Arm's
  • RSR Group
  • Arm's East (For all Canadian needs)
  • AcuSport
  • Palmetto State Armory
  • Optics planet

Do Geissele triggers work in AR-10s?

Yes. All of our AR15 triggers will work in AR15 and AR10 mil-spec receivers.

How do I become a dealer for Geissele Automatics's products?

Prospective dealers should send an email to along with a copy of their Federal Firearms License. We will send you a Dealer Order Worksheet with dealer pricing information.

Is there a minimum order quantity necessary to become a dealer?

Your first order does not require a minimum but every order after has to be $500.00.

What trigger do you recommend for use in CMP and NRA service rifle matches?

The Hi-Speed National Match Service Rifle Trigger, part number 05-130. If you have a large pin receiver, the large pin version is the one to get. The Service Rifle trigger is designed to meet the minimum trigger pull weight of at least 4.5 lb as required by the match rules for the service rifle category.

I am in Canada, how can i get Geissele products?

Arm's East is our exclusive Canadian distributor, you can visit them at