A Geissele ICON rifle is built to commemorate special dates and events in our company or Nation’s history. A truly unique and one off rifle, Iconic if you would.

We want the ICON rifles to be an opportunity to have some fun and also do some good. At the beginning of every month we will host a free giveaway for a single Geissele ICON Rifle, and we will also highlight a monthly, limited edition patch for sale, of which all funds will be donated to a good cause of our choosing.



The Geissele ICON for July 2020 is...


"The Long Distance Phone Call"






The Geissele ICON Rifle - "The Long Distance Phone Call" is not available for purchase. It is a unique rifle and the only way to obtain it is to be selected as the sole winner of this giveaway. It features an in-house 18", Stainless Steel, .223 Wylde, button rifled barrel with our new 1650 Flash Hider that will ensure optimal accuracy.  It is finished in our Iridium Type-3 Hardcoat Anodize which gives it a clean and modern look. The Super Duty Lower is finished with an Ultra Duty Parts Kit with a Super Configurable Safety. A Geissele Rifle Grip ensures a comfortable and timeless grip, while the Hi-Speed National Match trigger will let you set up your pull just the way you want. The receiver features a one of a kind, custom engraving, featuring a logo made specifically for this giveaway, not to mention its unique Serial Number and selector indicators. There will never be another one like it!

At the heart of this rifle is our Nanoweapon coated Reliability Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group with a Geissele Stressproof Bolt driven by a Rifle Length Super-42 braided wire buffer spring for the ultimate in reliability. The Super Duty upper is mated to the Super Modular MK16 Rail via a center locking tab, eliminating chances of rail rotation. Also included is a Super Precision Optic Mount which houses our Super Precision 1-6 scope with DMMR-1 reticle and crystal clear glass. Finalizing this package is a 2" padded Super Combat Sling with ALG Defense Forged Sling Swivels.

One thing is for certain, this rifle is fun and unique, entering is free and easy, and you can even up your chances of winning by supporting a great organization with the purchase of the paired morale patch! This is one phone call you don't want to miss!

The MSRP of this complete package (if we were to sell it) is $3,765.00 USD

Click on the links below to download extremely high resolution images of "The Long Distance Phone Call"

Geissele-ICON-07-2020-A.jpg (8k, 14mb)  |  Geissele-ICON-07-2020-B.jpg (8k, 14mb)




The Geissele ICON Patch for July 2020 is...



Proceeds from sales of the "Have Bill Call Me Patch" will be made to the "Semper Fi & America's Fund".

Purchasing this patch will give you extra entries for this month's giveaway and it even ships for free!




"Semper Fi & America's Fund provides immediate financial assistance and lifetime support to combat wounded, critically ill and catastrophically injured members of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families. We deliver the resources they need during recovery and transition back to their communities, working to ensure no one is left behind."


How it all came about...

In the beginning there was Bill. He made triggers in his basement, picked up the phones, wrote the emails and mailed the packages. As the company grew in size and began offering more than triggers one thing never changed: Bill's availability to his customers. It wasn't uncommon to call the Geissele shop and speak directly with Bill. Even now, as busy as he is, you can still find Bill interacting with people directly on social media, or on firearm discussion boards. Bill is a man of the people, and the people demand to speak with Bill.
"Have Bill Call Me" celebrates this and a bit of a comical situation on one of the firearm boards where an interaction between our Customer Service Dept and a customer was laid out for the world to see. Whether you want to rave about your Geissele products, have a suggestion for something you would love to see made, or need help with an issue, the request to have Bill call people personally is something that we see often. Believe us, Bill would love to speak with each and every one of you, but there is not enough time in the day!

However, you'll know you are the winner of this Geissele ICON Rifle when Bill personally calls you to give you the good news!

How do I enter?


How do I enter?

  • You can enter the giveaway for your chance to win "The Long Distance Phone Call" in the Rafflecopter Widget. 

How can I get extra chances at getting selected to win the rifle and get a call from Bill?

  • Refer your friends! - Up to 10 Entries
  • Join our Email List - 1 Entry
  • Share your Phone Number - 1 Entry
  • Read and accept the Terms & Conditions - 1 Entry
  • Visit us on Instagram - 1 Entry
  • Visit us on Facebook - 1 Entry
  • Visit us on Twitter - 1 Entry
  • Purchase a "Have Bill Call Me" patch - 5 Entries
    • Purchase is not necessary to enter the overall giveaway.
    • While only your first patch will grant you additional entries, purchasing multiple patches will directly support the "Semper Fi & America's Fund" donation.

How does this raffle work?

  • The giveaway will last for the entire month. A winner will be selected on the last day of the month and announced on this page and on our social media. 
  • If Bill calls you, you better answer! He'll only call you with good news!
    • This phone call will be recorded and snippets of it shared on our social media.


Please read the Terms and Conditions of this giveaway prior to entering.

They can be found at www.geissele.com/icon-terms-and-conditions

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Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions about this giveaway or any of our products.