Unleash the Power of Innovation with the Geissele Freedom Rifle Series!



Introducing the Geissele Freedom Rifle (GFR) Series, two exceptional models, crafted by the renowned manufacturer, Geissele Automatics to meet the demands of precision shooting and reconnaissance versatility.

This platform is optimized to capture the full potential of the 6mmARC round. It offers a longer-range ballistics advantage comparable to .308 but with a 30% weight savings from the small-frame AR15 platform.

The GFR platform is designed from the ground up around 6mmARC. The rifles feature custom-designed barrel extensions, feed ramps, and magazines — all specifically engineered to ensure reliable chambering and prevent feeding issues. Our GFRs are tuned to drastically minimize felt recoil so that the shooter can spot bullet trace and impacts to make self-corrections in real-time.

Say hello to the Stratomatch and the Recce – two extraordinary firearms designed for excellence in their distinct specialties.


The Recce for Controlled Versatility

Adaptability in Action: The Recce, another gem from Geissele Automatics, is your go-to choice for versatile shooting scenarios and reconnaissance operations. Its design allows for quick adaptability, making it ideal for dynamic competitions and challenging environments. From close-quarters engagements to strategic reconnaissance, the Recce delivers.

Balanced Performance: Experience a balanced blend of accuracy and versatility. The Geissele Freedom Rifle's 6ARC chambering ensures you can confidently tackle various shooting scenarios without sacrificing performance. Adapt, overcome, and dominate with the Recce in your hands.

Lightweight and Maneuverable: The Recce's lightweight construction enhances maneuverability, making it the perfect companion for reconnaissance and on-the-move shooting. Whether you're navigating tight spaces or patrolling expansive terrain, the Recce keeps you agile and effective.


The Stratomatch for Precision Excellence

Unparalleled Accuracy: The Stratomatch, a masterpiece by Geissele Automatics, stands as a testament to precision shooting at its finest. Meticulously crafted, this rifle ensures exceptional accuracy, tight groupings, and consistent performance shot after shot. Elevate your marksmanship to new heights with the Stratomatch.

Extended Range Mastery: The Geissele Freedom Rifle, chambered in 6ARC, delivers unmatched ballistic performance, allowing you to engage targets at extended distances with confidence. Geissele's commitment to quality ensures that each shot is a testament to their legacy of excellence in the firearms industry.

Recoil Management for Control: The Stratomatch, bearing the Geissele name, is designed with advanced recoil management, providing a comfortable shooting experience without compromising power. Achieve faster follow-up shots and maintain control with every trigger pull, ensuring you stay on target.

Why Choose Geissele Automatics?

  • Quality Beyond Compare: Geissele Automatics is synonymous with top-tier craftsmanship, and the Geissele Freedom Rifle Series is no exception. Each rifle meets the highest standards of quality and reliability, reflecting Geissele's commitment to excellence.
  • Reputation and Success: Geissele Automatics has established an unrivaled reputation for producing high-quality, reliable firearms and accessories in the industry. Our success is measured in the products we deliver and the trust we have earned from shooters worldwide.
  • Innovation and Passion: Geissele Automatics is driven by a passion for precision and a commitment to advancing the shooting experience. Explore the Geissele Freedom Rifle Series and embrace innovation in every shot.

Elevate your shooting experience with the Stratomatch and Recce from the Geissele Freedom Rifle Series – precision, versatility, and innovation at your fingertips. Explore our selection now and discover the next level of performance.

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