Super Duty LE MK16, 16" - Black

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Available For Law Enforcement Only.

Super Duty LE is Geissele Automatics’ complete AR-15 carbine aimed exclusively for Law Enforcement Duty. Completely assembled in-house at our facility in North Wales, Pennsylvania, the Super Duty LE series aims to bring a highly dependable carbine, effective in its functionality and more than capable of meeting the needs of the LEO community at a price point that is accessible for Police Departments and the individual officer. Our LE barrel and Geissele Gas System will allow the Super Duty LE to handle all types of duty grade ammunition (including M855A1), and will greatly aid reliability in the varying environmental conditions found throughout the United States while still providing the end user with soft recoil and a flat shooting carbine.

The Super Duty LE MK16 features a 13.5" SMR MK16 rail uniquely marked with a Blue Line, Honoring the Law Enforcement Officers the rifle is intended to serve.

Please note that the SDLE is a set configuration and cannot be modified, however Geissele Automatics’ Law Enforcement Sales Team will work with the individual Officer or Police Department, to upgrade to a Super Duty Rifle with options and accessories that can be specifically tailored to rise up to the challenges faced by Law Enforcement Professionals.

UPPER:   Mil-Spec Upper Receiver, M4 feed ramps, 7075-T6 
MUZZLE DEVICE:   A2 Flash Hider
BARREL:   16" CMV steel, 1-7 twist, chrome lined, HP/MPI tested
BARREL PROFILE:   Government Profile
GAS SYSTEM:   Geissele Length, "Bombproof" Super Gas Block
HANDGUARD:   13.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 "Blue Line"
BOLT CARRIER GROUP:   Tier 1 Mil-Spec BCG, 158 Carpenter Steel, HTP & MPI tested. Upgraded ejector
LOWER:   Geissele Super Duty Mil-Spec Lower Receiver, 7075-T6, Type 3 Hard Coast Anodize
TRIGGER:   ALG QMS, single stage, approx. 6 lbs. - 8 lbs.
BUFFER SYSTEM:   Super-42 H2
SAFETY:   Geissele Posi-Snap
BOLT CATCH:   Maritime Bolt Catch
STOCK:   B5 Systems SOPMOD


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