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Super Dynamic Combat (SD-C) Trigger

Super Dynamic Combat (SD-C) Trigger

Super Dynamic Combat (SD-C) Trigger

Type: 2 Stage
1st Stage
Weight Range:
2.75 - 3.0 lbs.
2nd Stage
Weight Range:
1.5 - 1.75 bs.
Total Pull
Weight Range:
4.25 - 4.75 lbs.
Adjustable: No
Recommended Use: Law Enforcement, Home Defense, Hunting
Pin Size: Mil-Spec

All weights are approximates.

Please note, our triggers are designed for mil-spec AR15/M4 carbine rifles. Our AR15 triggers are not compatible with the Sig MPX/MCX weapons.

The Geissele Super Dynamic-Combat (SD-C) Trigger featuring an exclusive flat trigger bow.


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Super Dynamic Combat (SD-C) Trigger

Full Description

The Geissele Super Dynamic-Combat (SD-C) Trigger featuring an exclusive flat trigger bow, is a rugged, nonadjustable combat trigger with a sear design that provides a wide margin of safety against unintentional discharges yet still gives the operator a sharp, repeatable trigger release.

Additional Information

Size Standard Mil-Spec Pin
Intended Function Military, Law Enforcement, Hunting
Trigger Bow Type Flat
Weapon Platform AR15/AR10


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Super Dynamic Combat (SD-C) Trigger

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overall rating 5.0

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Great! - David

Super crisp easy to install. worth every penny

December 18th, 2018

Best trigger I own - Nathan

Have many triggers. this is by far the best. Always 4.5 pounds. Never off. Super fast! Super Reliable! Love the flat trigger bow. Geissele is #1 and id recommend this model to anyone looking for a solid, two stage trigger that will outlast the rest of your rifle!!!

November 4th, 2018

Another unbeatable trigger! - Joelski

When you choose a Geissele trigger, you really can't go wrong, no matter which one you select. Getting that mil spec trigger out of there and replacing it with a Geissele unit does several things for your shooting; first it removes that gritty, long, unpredictable take-up before the gun goes bang. A Geissele two stage gives you a reliable, predictable take-up, right up to the "wall" of the second stage. Once you break over that crisp snap, the trigger will come back to that predictable take-up, giving you repeatable firing and making your targeting job much easier. Second, the smoothness of that fire control system is like no other and for rapid fire, can go as fast as you can move your finger, without tripping over itself, succumbing to muck buildup from carbon, or causing failures.

Bottom line, no matter which Geissele trigger you pick, you'll know its in your gun just from the quality feel and predictable operation. Get one, the choice is yours; the success is worth the price of admission!

April 26th, 2018

Trigger is Prairie Dog Certified - Matthew

I can't say enough about Geissele hardware. The stock trigger that came with my SBR was horse doo doo. Not only does this trigger look sexy when installed, it'll turn your rifle into a tack driver. I also picked up the SD-E trigger for my old mans REPR. Same trigger but tad bit lighter.. and IMHO, The Super Dynamic Combat is better! This trigger is fantastic.

April 15th, 2018

SD-C is the Trigger for ME! Customer service on point. - Timothy

WOW is all I can say. I have been building my first AR pistol and was in need of a trigger. Over Easter weekend I ordered the SD-C because of the sale. I waited all week for it to ship and was informed that due to the sale they were dealing with a shipping lag. I really needed the trigger by the weekend after Easter. I talked to them on Friday and was told I most likely wouldn't have it by the weekend. About 40 minutes later I received an email saying my trigger had shipped via next day air that the company paid for. This was truly amazing and made me so freaking happy. I received my trigger at 10 am on Saturday put my rifle together and fell in love. I will never own another rifle without a Geissle trigger. Thank you thank you. Also the SWAG pack is a pretty cool added bonus.

April 9th, 2018

Outstanding Trigger - David

I knew I wanted a top quality trigger going into my build. It took me about 15 minutes to install it. I know several "Operators" and others that use Geissele triggers and was told repeatedly to use the SDC in mine. I have mostly Geissele parts in my build; MK8 Rail and Airborne Charging handle. Going to break in the new rifle tomorrow and see how "she" performs. Thanks Geissele for making a great trigger and the "swag" you sent me. I have heard others saying to use anti walk pins and I know from other sources NOT to use them on Geissele triggers. (no need) I know this trigger will break like a carrot tomorrow. I am glad I have my own range to shoot. Very easy install with no issues. I have another companies trigger in my standard AR and will probably replace it with a Geiselle. Thanks for the excellent craftmanship and quality.

February 6th, 2018

SD-C Review - Nate

I just got back from a fun afternoon, and after putting 300+ rounds down range, all I can say This trigger made an indescribable improvement over the original gritty GI style trigger in my Daniel Defense DDM4v7. There is minimal creep until it hits the wall, then breaks cleanly, travel is consistent, as described. Don't take my word for it, judge for yourself. You won't be disappointed. The price tag on Geissele triggers may turn some frugal-minded people away, but this is one of those times when you get what you pay for. Consider it an investment. Everything you need to assemble the trigger and hammer into your rifle is included, along with easy to follow instructions. There are also videos on YouTube with step by step instructions. This trigger combined with the Super 42 Braided Wire and Buffer Spring has transformed my DDM4v7 into a completely different rifle. The Geissele SD-C trigger certainly lives up to its reputation.

January 13th, 2018


I own several of these for my AR's and they are great. Install is a breeze. If you are replacing an old clunker no need to remove the safety only put it on fire, push old hammer pin out the trigger pin out. Clean the pocket if needed. Lube the new trigger and install it, then comes the hammer. Function check and you are set. Many videos out there on it and instructions are great. No need for anti rotation pins as these are captured by the springs and are quality made. You'll say why did I go milspec single stage. And Oh yeah Swag for every order! P.S. It's a five star review.

December 16th, 2017

Outstanding SD-C - Timothy

This is by far the very best of the best. I had a Elf trigger and it just kept failing miserably. Even with professional installation and service! The gunsmith said buy A Geissele and all this goes away. After visiting the website and using their tools to find the right trigger... SD-C was the one! Super smooth and I love the slight take up with a glass like break! Wow! I am a serious fan! This is the one for me! You can not go wrong, it will be the highlight of your rifle for sure!

December 2nd, 2017

SD-C review - Howard

This is my first time buying the SDC trigger. Since I've installed it, I love the travel in the reset of this trigger. The pull weight is not too heavy. I am hooked on these geissele triggers. Everything you need comes with a trigger, the install was simple!

September 1st, 2017

amazing trigger - heath

I've tried several triggers and some have been pretty good, ive also cringed a little spending this much on a trigger, but after using it and putting several hundred rounds down range, I wish I had bought this trigger as my first upgrade. these triggers are very impressive and I understand why spec forces guys run these and stand by them.. you have to shoot your gun with this trigger to get the idea of the rant and rave behind these!! AWESOME

June 24th, 2017

MY SD-C - James

I'm extremely happy with my SD-C trigger. My shoots are more precise and accurate, the trigger has they overall best pull ratio. It feels great to be on a range with a trigger that not only perform at a combat level but one that I know will continue to overachieve my expectations

March 7th, 2017

Worthy of the Name - Vance

Worth the Price... I have one of these in every AR15 I own. For true combat style shooting, this is the antithesis of perfection. I have, literally, had two different law enforcement agencies approach me, on the range, asking to see Class III paperwork for it being "full auto" (I don't own any full autos). Needless to say, both of them walked away with "Geissele" written down in their note books and smiles on their faces.

February 21st, 2017

Best rifle enhancement - J.P.

I have this trigger and a SD 3-G. The SD-C is definietley what I was looking for with balancing safety against ND's and crisp breaks/short resets. I have not been as pleased with ANY other enhancement on my weapon systems. This trigger is by far the highlight of my rifle.

December 30th, 2016

Should've bought one years ago - Jay

I bought this trigger as a last addition to my main field weapon. I installed and went to shoot from the 100yd. I noticed my groups were tighter than ever and follow shots we're dealing very natuaral. I didn't realize there would be such a positive impact on my shooting. Sorry I haven't bought one years ago.

December 12th, 2016

SD-C review - Howard

Geissele shipped this right away at a good price on Black Friday! Everything was well packed. Most importantly the straight trigger has a good feel & has a real good travel, break and reset! Real good deal for the price!

December 8th, 2016

Unbelievable - A Must Have - Derek

Honestly I don't write many reviews on anything but I feel like I need to write a review on these triggers. I bought the SD-C and installed into my Colt M4. It doesn't even feel like the gun I used to shoot. The gesseile triggers 2 stage creates a sense of unity with my rifle. I've never felt more confidant shooting and controlling a rifle than I do with this trigger system.

I've let 3 people shoot my gun at distances they never thought they could accurately shoot with a 5.56 and they immediately ordered this trigger. Hands down if your shopping triggers , thinking triggers. Hit that order button and get this thing in your gun. You won't believe how clean the first stage is and how perfect the break is. Breaks like a carrot ;) !!!

Amazing product !

November 5th, 2016

Beyond Perfection - Ted

Absolutely Incredibly Fantastic Trigger! Installed on my Sig MCX (Gen 2) 5.56caliber
This a perfect

November 4th, 2016

Worth the money - Michael

I was hesitant to spend this much money on a trigger. Its pretty expensive, but the difference is night and day. The first shot through the last its just a huge improvement. My little sisters even shoot faster and more accurately with this trigger. There is no comparison to any other trigger Ive ever owned or shot. Geissele makes the best out there.

September 30th, 2016

Perfect - Ben

I installed the SD-C in my SBR'd lower for my 7.5'' PDW build. Install was easy as usual, made easier by the trigger fitting tool i got for free with my order.

It's night and day between a standard/stock FCG you get in most LPKs, the break on the SD-C is like breaking a carrot, the SSA-E is like breaking glass. The SD-C is perfect for home defense, PDW, or LEO builds, its a light trigger, but not so light that you might accidentally squeeze off a round.

July 2nd, 2016

Night and Day - Craig

I installed an SD-C trigger in my most recent build. I was building an authentic m4 with upgraded MIL-spec parts. My local ffl recommended the SD-C as a high end combat trigger. After some research and reading NOTHING but 5 star reviews, I went for it. To sum up my experience, without being technical, this trigger is simply the best thing since sliced bread. Words can not express how dramatic a difference this trigger makes in my accuracy as well as my ability to fire rapidly. I will be putting a Geiselle on my existing rifles and all future builds. Simply put, this is the best trigger I've fired, PERIOD!!! There isn't even a close second!

May 2nd, 2016

friends face when he realizes a good trigger makes him more accurate - priceless - Michael

I live in south Florida, placed my order on for two SD-C's Saturday night, and had my triggers delivered Tuesday, obviously Geissele doesn't waste any time sitting on one's product - there's that. After an unusually fruitful week, my business partner and myself indulged ourselves with two new 30 caliber Sig M400 Elite pistols of which I promptly replaced the stock triggers - an absolute necessity. Relatively new to the world of firearms, my partner didn't know why I would ever do this - spend so much on "triggers", but he took my advice on faith and I replaced his stock trigger as well. Friday, at the range, my partner couldn't believe how accurate he had become - all of his rounds were well within center mass. "How could the trigger make me more accurate? he asked. I showed him my latest shot group which was basically one hole were three bullets had passed through in single file - and there's that.

January 31st, 2016

Buy one, NOW!! - Richard

I left a similar review over on the SSA as that was my first Geissele trigger. I didn’t know it at the time but my first AR, owned or shot, came with a Geissele SSA pre-installed. So I had no idea what a bad AR trigger felt like until I bought my second AR, which came with a standard mil-spec trigger. There’s just no comparison to a Geissele. Since I already had an SSA I decided to try the SD-C because I wanted to have the combat type pull and weight but was interested to see what the flat trigger bow was like. It definitely feels different than the SSA’s curved trigger bow and may take a little getting used to for some. I’d read and heard that it’s almost like the flat trigger tricks you into thinking it’s shorter and lighter than it really is and that was true for me as well. However, it still feels amazing. The take up is short and smooth, the wall obvious, and the break very clean; just like my SSA. The reset is also short, crisp, and noticeably felt and heard; again, just like my SSA. I’m going to do a lot more shooting with both before I can say if I prefer one over the other. Since I’m pretty new to the AR world I was a little hesitant to install the trigger myself but, with the included instructions and the videos Mr. Geissele put out, the install was quick and painless; 20-30 minutes, as others have reported. Geissele triggers are so good I have no desire to try another brand. In fact, with the recent holiday deals I just picked up the Super Tricon to test in an NFA’d SBR lower I just bought. Any AR I own will have a Geissele in it.

December 11th, 2015

Smooth as Silk - TexansFan

I have shot many of my friend's retail ar's without modified triggers. My son has a retail ar with a pretty good 2 stage, but once you reach the break, you realize that you've still got to "pull" on the trigger. My Geissele is so smooth, I went for the C, not the E, because I felt that the E might be just too fast for me. I love the take up (first stage) and the fact that it stops just enough to let you know to exhale (get your breathing right and your accuracy will skyrocket)...Then, it's like I almost just "think" about pulling, and there's the "break". So smooth. Then, if you want a more rapid fire mode, you don't have to release the trigger all the way. Just a nice, nice trigger. All my friends are looking to buy one to replace theirs.

November 23rd, 2015

A difference maker - Elmer

Accuracy is greatly increased using this trigger. I've installed several on our AR's mostly for coyote hunting. Trigger is so smooth that kills on running coyotes are routine. For new owners the trigger install is very fast and easy. Replace your factory trigger with one from Geissele and you'll be more than satisfied.

October 14th, 2015

The Ultimate Trigger - Dan from the Bayou

I went with this Geissele trigger due to the constant harassment by my shooting buddy. He's a die hard Geissele cultist, and I was a bit hesitant to finger his lower for the first time. But once I did I was never the same. All jokes aside, I love the crisp pull(s) and clean break of this trigger. The installation was obviously harder than other "drop in" trigger systems, but I knew that from the start and if you're patient and careful everything will go in just right. The slave pin included helps a lot and i was able to install mine with just a punch and hammer. Geissele has a great YouTube channel with plenty of installation videos and how-to's. DON'T use standard KNS anti rotation pins with this trigger because the diameters are different and can cause damage. However, I believe KNS and Geissele collaborated on a design that is made for Geissele triggers. Still waiting on a reply from KNS about that, but even without the anti walk pins I haven't had any trouble with my pins drifting at all. Everything about this trigger system is flawlessly machined and it really is worth the price Geissele hangs on it. Guess I'm in the cult now too haha.

September 27th, 2015
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