Super Modular Rail MK14 M-LOK®

Super Modular Rail MK14 M-LOK®

Super Modular Rail MK14 M-LOK®

MK14 Height:


Available Lengths: 

 7"  •   9.5"  •  13"  •  15"

MK14 ID*:


MK14 OD*/DAQ*:


Installed Weight
(w/ Hardware):

7” MK14 Rail - TBD
9.5” MK14 Rail - 10.2oz
13”  MK14 Rail - 12oz
15” MK14 Rail - 13.2oz 

ID* - Inner Diameter
OD* - Outer Diameter
DAQ* - Distance Across Quadrants

Available in Black and DDC

.750" Low Profile Stainless Steel Geissele Super Gas Block Included

Click Here to review our DDC (Desert Dirt Color) disclaimer before purchasing.

NOTE: Our rails are designed to work with Mil-Spec M4 upper receivers. The compatibility with billet receiver sets is unknown.


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Super Modular Rail MK14 M-LOK®

Full Description

The MK14 is the latest entry to the Geissele line up of Super Modular Rails. The new handguard design offers a smaller diameter and overall height to create a slimmer package. Included with the MK14 Super Modular Rail is an updated version of the proven Geissele Barrel Nut design, not only providing ease of installation but superior rigidity. The long surface contact of the 2.25” barrel nut interfaces with the receiver creating a platform that can be trusted to be straight and true the entire length of the free float rail. The MK14 is 3d precision machined using 6061-T6 Aluminum due to its strong, rigid and lightweight properties. 

Utilizing Magpul’s M-LOK technology in the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions allow the end user full customization and modularity of their rifle to securely mount lights, bipods and other firearm accessories. The Geissele MK14 Super Modular rail is finished in a durable and long lasting Type 3 Hardcoat Anodized available in either Black or Geissele’s DDC finish.

This product is bundled with a low-profile Geissele Super Gas Block, a $59 value, and an installation wrench; making the SMR MK14 a comfortable, rigid, value packed and high quality rail system developed for AR15 pattern rifles.

Additional Information

Intended Function N/A
Weapon Platform AR15/M4/M16


Installation Instructions

Super Modular Rail MK14 M-LOK®

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overall rating 5.0

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Love the rail but one thing bums me out - James

This is a great lightweight modular rail. It's durable and high quality. One issue I have is even with my carbine the gas block makes one of the M Lok slots on the bottom unusable. It's just too close to the handguard. Unfortunately this is also where I want to place my handstop but even if I move it one slot back I still can't put a rail cover down there for grip. It poses a big problem unless I want to move my handstop all the way forward and hold it with the super extended c grip that's fashionable at the moment. I don't like shooting that way, sadly.

October 11th, 2018

Nice Rail - Eric

I’ve been debating on this rail for months and months not sure about it because of the big square area of material that holds the barrel but on. But got the 9.5” mounted on my SBR and really couldn’t be happier. It’s rigid and love the profile of it. My only complaint sort of is that I wish they had an option to upgrade the gas block to a Black one for an extra fee. If you could even call that a complaint with the fact that the gas block is free.

August 26th, 2018

More size options - Tom

Please make this handguard in a 11" version for 12" and 12.5" barrels.

August 15th, 2018

Need more length options - Chase

Make this in 10.5-11" for those of us running them on off caliber barrels like 12.5 6.8 SPC.

May 6th, 2018

Awesome Handguard!!! - Jake

I ordered the 9.5” DDC for a 10.5” pistol and I couldn’t be happier. The handguard is sleek and ergonomic. It mounts to the upper easily and is rock solid. Geissele always makes high quality, well designed parts and gear. You won’t be disappointed. Buy it!

April 20th, 2018

7” Reveiw very short with little hand space. - Shawn

I love Geissele’s stuff so I’m not trying to ding their products but...
I put the 7” version on my SBR build and I have to say the rail is very short and because where the bolts go in to attach the rail to the receiver is a solid block of aluminum it limits the area to put your hand compared to a Midwest rail where you can bring your hand all the way back to the receiver comfortably. If I were to use the 10”+ versions of this rail I would 100% love it. It would be cool to see Geissele make light weight slim rails for shorter pistol builds.

TLDR: 7” is too short to be comfortable, or I’m nit picking... who knows.

February 14th, 2018

Excellent Product - Collin

At first I was reluctant to buy a rail that put set screws to the receiver to prevent rotation, but my concerns were instantly alleviated when considering the design of the barrel nut and nylon tips of the set screws. This thing is excellently engineered and machined with the upmost precision. The balance between weight and ruggedness is perfect and feels great in the hand especially with Magpul M Lok Type 2 panels. I will definitely be buying more rails and other parts from this great company. I hope they bring their excellent machining and engineering to the barrel market!

January 7th, 2018

Nothing Compares - Joseph

This rail is incredible. As expected, the fit and finish was great. This thing locks onto the upper live vise grips! Expect to have to use some grease on the barrel nut to get this bad boy seated. I also love how slim this is. Feels very comparable in width to the KMR from BCM, but is much more robust. The rail also comes with Geissele's gas block, so you can't beat that. As a side note for anyone wondering, the MK14 design was modified and it has the screw style anti-rotation tabs on the bottom like the MK8 does (The picture does not show this). My ONLY gripe about this product is the desert tan coloring. The one I got was not terrible, but I have seen some that are almost bronze looking. So if you are expecting a perfectly matched magpul FDE rail, this isn't it. However, if you read the disclaimer, you should be aware of this before purchasing. I also wish Geissele could flatten the coloring a bit, as it is almost a satin finish. But, at the end of the day, functionality wins out over cosmetics every time, and this rail will not disappoint. The swag pack is also a sweet bonus!

November 21st, 2017

Love it - Zachary

I love the slim profile of this rail. I can put mlok components at 3, 6, and 9. It's light and strong. I love that it's not as bulky as other rails in the Geissele line up and others on the market. Easy to get my hands around. Not a lot on it to snag like some other rails.

October 30th, 2017
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