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Super Semi-Automatic (SSA®) Trigger

Super Semi-Automatic (SSA®) Trigger

Super Semi-Automatic (SSA®) Trigger

Type: 2 Stage
1st Stage
Weight Range:
2.75 - 3.0 lbs.
2nd Stage
Weight Range:
1.5 - 1.75 bs.
Total Pull
Weight Range:
4.25 - 4.75 lbs.
Adjustable: No
Recommended Use: Military, Law Enforcement, Hunting
Pin Size: Mil-Spec

All weights are approximates.

Please note, our triggers are designed for mil-spec AR15/M4 carbine rifles. Our AR15 triggers are not compatible with the Sig MPX/MCX weapons.

The Geissele Super Semi-Automatic (SSA®) trigger is a semi-automatic-only version of Geissele Automatics’s Super Select-Fire trigger.


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Super Semi-Automatic (SSA®) Trigger

Full Description

The Geissele Super Semi-Automatic (SSA®) trigger is a semi-automatic only version of Geissele Automatics’s Super Select-Fire trigger. The SSA is a non-adjustable combat trigger that is a precision two-stage trigger and allows precise and accurate trigger control. The SSA’s two-stage design allows the trigger to be light enough for accurate and precise shots, but forgiving enough for CQB. The SSA is safety certified by Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center. It is recommended for demanding applications such as Law Enforcement use, Close Quarters Battle (CQB) and mid-range carbine work.

Additional Information

Size Standard Mil-Spec Pin
Intended Function Military, Law Enforcement, Hunting
Trigger Bow Type M4 Curved
Weapon Platform AR15/AR10


Installation Instructions


Super Semi-Automatic (SSA®) Trigger

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overall rating 5.0

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WOW! - Phillip

Night and Day difference on my S&W M&P 15 sport 2. Don't, hedge, buy one. You'll be amazed

December 30th, 2018

It's good. - Cletis

This is a good combat-style trigger with its heavier pull weight and more creep than their enhanced triggers. On par with the Super Tricon.

December 23rd, 2018

Smooth, consistent, and versatile - Father Goose

I installed this today and just returned from the range. My milspec trigger definitely had smoothed out over time and wasn't gritty, but this is a whole different feel. When you run it quickly, it behaves like a crisp single stage, but when you want/need to take your time, the two stage comes in very handy for accuracy. I like this flexibility. Looking forward to more training. Thank you Geissele team!

December 22nd, 2018

Totally happy with this SSA - Scott

I just want to say it works great.... I was coming back on the G site to check prices to order another SSA and realized I never left my 2 cents... buy it.... works great... run it fast or slow..... very versatile.

December 21st, 2018

Just ordered my fourth SSA trigger - Chuck

I've used these triggers on three of the four AR's that I built for myself. I thought I could settle for the trigger that came with parts kit on this last rifle, but could not resist the Black Friday sale. The Geissele triggers ARE that good! Sorry I only rated it four stars...the five stars would not register on my computer. I would have given this trigger six stars if that rating was available!

November 23rd, 2018

SSA Triggers on Ruger SR's - Gary

I recently installed and tested SSA Triggers on my Ruger SR 556 & Ruger 762. Easy to install & phenomenal improvement in accuracy. The Ruger Company should get a clue & start installing Geissele triggers at the factory.

October 29th, 2018

Excellent Trigger - Stuart

Ordering was easy and the trigger arrived on time as promised. I noticed the attention to detail on the finish and admire the clean craftsmanship. Easy install and immediately could feel the smooth uptake and clean break as compared to the stock trigger this SSA replaced. Best upgrade for the money in my opinion!

October 25th, 2018

Way better than I was expecting.. - Dylan

This is my first high end trigger ive used and it blows me away. Most importantly to me this provides a solid definitive consistant wall that my basic default trigger didnt seem to have. Also the short reset makes this really fun as well!

October 23rd, 2018

Way better than I was expecting.. - Dylan

This is my first high end trigger ive used and it blows me away. Most importantly to me this provides a solid definitive consistant wall that my basic default trigger didnt seem to have. Also the short reset makes this really fun as well!

October 23rd, 2018

Awesome trigger on Sig 516 Patrol - Dan

First Geissele trigger and totally impressed! Sig 516 is a great rifle but trigger is not the best, however, with the Geissele SSA it is a great combination. Quality of Geissele is definitely top shelf! Thanks for making my Sig so much better!

August 17th, 2018

Fabulously smooth & crisp trigger & customer service - Scott

I bought this trigger for my M4 and due to my unit specs the trigger had to be have a certain "pull poundage". I spoke to a shop rep and he understood what I was looking for and shipped it out to me with the mods I was looking for. This trigger is smooth and crisp and just what I needed. Thanks and its quality and service like this is what keeps me coming back!!

July 10th, 2018

Start with the best - Mark

Used the SSA in my first AR build and LOVE it. I'll be switching to the G2S in future to save some duckets, but only because it's still Geissele.

February 8th, 2018

Customer service - Brandon

I ordered the SSA trigger around thanks giving received it 3 weeks later and the trigger spring was bent. I contacted geissele with pictures before Christmas and they said they would put one in the mail for me. 3 weeks later I have sent 3 separate follow up emails a week apart asking for the status. I have not received any contact back what so ever. I have been told this trigger is great but due to geissele shipping taking around a month to receive anything, a bent spring, and terrible customer service I am experiencing I have a very expensive trigger that has been sitting around for 2 months. Next time go thru a different avenue purchasing anything you will receive it worlds faster with better service.

January 9th, 2018

Very clean trigger - Gary

So i have an older Larue OBR in 7.62. That rifle came with this trigger, which was the best overall trigger available in 2011. Its still a fine trigger, and I have this one or its adjustable breatheren in all of my AR style rifles. I will say that the Larue offering is pretty nice as well, but you can never go wrong with the clean break of the Geissele triggers. Highly recommended.

December 26th, 2017

Make a great AR even better! - Andre

The stock trigger in my Daniel Defense M5 V11LW is pretty decent. I was able to improve it somewhat by polishing but its nowhere close to the SSA now that its installed. This trigger really works great with a clean, predictable break and nice reset. My last session at the range had better groups and I was more consistent with my timing. The first of many Geissele products I hope to own. Great company and made in the USA!

December 2nd, 2017

Simply The Best! - Gunner B

What can I say? Love at first pull. I am a professional trigger puller retired from the US Marine Corps and a current law enforcement officer. I have 25 years of pulling triggers on the AR platform. I had never done my own trigger installation until this one. The installation videos were spot on. I never knew precision could feel so good or be so consistent. My only problem is now I have to install a Geissele on all my ARs and unfortunately I am not allowed to modify my duty rifle...thanks Bill and from a fellow Philadelphian, go Eagles!

December 1st, 2017

Stock Triggers Are Inferior - Glenn

I'm an Armed Forces Veteran and was used to the stock one stage trigger. I've often thought about upgrading my trigger and finally "pulled the trigger" on the Geissele SSA after extensive research. My Sig516G2 will never be the same! The only regret that I have is not doing this much, much sooner! The new trigger has reduced the overall weight down to 4.5 lbs. and the two stage has increased my long range target accuracy to sub MOA. Lastly, this is an American company! Don't wait, "pull the trigger" now and invest in a new SSA Trigger and a great American company!

November 8th, 2017

Awesome Trigger! - Matthew B

Money well spent! I replaced my mil-spec trigger in my Daniel Defense with a Geissele SSA. This trigger really compliments the rest of the rifle! Never understood why they already putting Geisseles in all of their rifles considering the price but that's besides the point. So glad to see an awesome company coming from PA! I will be buying more triggers from Geissele! I can't wait to take my rifle through some classes!

July 19th, 2017

110% Satisfaction - Rob

Just received the SSA for my duty rifle, dropped it in within 5 minutes and took it to the range and it is perfect. Everything that Geissele advertised, but it's not just the trigger that makes this company so great. The customer care / service is unmatched and second to none, just like their triggers. Thanks Dan for all your help.

Every build from here on out will have a Geissele trigger installed.

June 25th, 2017

Awesome - Steven

I order on Friday of the Memorial Day sale. It said to expect 2-4 weeks for processing due to high volume. Had it in hand a week later. I was impressed. Now to get it installed and try out my first Geissele trigger. From what I've heard I'll be as equally impressed.

June 5th, 2017

PERFECT - Patrick

This is the best upgrade I have done to my AR. I was disappointed in my Daniel Defense stock trigger and did a lot of research on triggers. I landed on the SSA and was not disappointed. Exactly what I was looking for.

February 21st, 2017

What a Great Band Switch - Joe Clemente

What an amazing trigger. The first stage takeup is silky smooth and the wall is definite. You can sit on that wall until you're ready to snap the shot and the second stage breaks very clean. The entire Geissele/ALG family of products are second to none.

February 4th, 2017

Outstanding - Rudolph

I ordered and received my new Geissele SSA. trigger.Far easier to install then advertised,work in quiet,and pay close attention.The only mistake I made was putting it in my gun to see how I liked it,before using it in my son's build.Outstanding,this one is now mine,and I must order another for my son's build.Thank you for a top quality product,and a promise kept.

January 31st, 2017

Ar-15 Build had mil spec on it - Antonio

Got this like trying it out. I had mil spec in my ar and wow ok. I was in shock now I see everyone says get this one. I will always tell people GET THIS ONE. Very happy

December 18th, 2016

Great Trigger, Great Value, Great Service - Salvador

Prior to purchasing this trigger, I had only heard about Geissele and their quality triggers and service via second hand comments and internet forums, but such information is hear say until proven otherwise. So when they had the black friday sale with a huge discount, I jumped on the trigger. I'm glad I did this as the SSA is the best trigger I've ever used, and I'm excited to pick up another as soon as possible.

December 13th, 2016

S&W M&P Sport II 5.56 - Ted

SSA part #05-101, trigger, completes the build on my M&P Sport II. Absolutely the Best, trigger available, prefect upgrade for M4 Carbine. Super

October 23rd, 2016

LOVE IT - Ryan

I have used the SSA on two builds and in addition to my enjoyment of the trigger, it's always fun to see others try it for the first time....the responses are always the same: they exclaim how much they like it (and usually go buy one for their builds). EXCELLENT TRIGGER!!!

October 4th, 2016

Wish to include rating I left out in my review. - Louis

I recently reviewed this trigger but failed to include a five star rating. My apologies .
Thahks, Louis

August 15th, 2016

F - Louis

Thanks for a fantastic trigger.The improvement over the factory Colt in my LE6920 is incredible to say the least. It breaks clean at exactly 4lbs.measured. I will be back for my Rock River .308 enhanced trigger very soon.
Again Thanks,

August 15th, 2016

Back for more - Robert

Just ordered my 2nd SSA. When I received my first one I was shocked at the difference and therefore hooked. Groups tightened up.

If you are building or modifying your AR platform - there is NO reason to use a different trigger than Geissele.

July 17th, 2016

Excellent upgrade - Douglas

I bought this trigger for my colt 6920 after upgrading almost everything else. This trigger should have been the first upgrade. The first stage is smooth and consistent but long enough for a stressful situation. The second stage is a perfect crisp break. This trigger might be a little light for a new shooter though especially if you're using it for more than plinking.

July 8th, 2016


I have a new Armalite AR10 that comes very basic with no add-ons to keep the cost down. I added an optic and a bipod, but the standard single stage trigger was just a pain in the ass. I started to investigate replacement triggers and decided on the Geissele SSA. After I installed it, there was absolutely no comparison to the original. I'm getting another one to put in my Bushmaster AR15. Thank you, Geissele!!!

June 11th, 2016

Best all-around trigger EVER!! - Joel

Why would anybody build a rifle with a billet receiver and match-grade barrel, only to hamstring it with a stock trigger? For years, I got by with standard mil-spec triggers and never gave it a second thought. When I started shooting at longer ranges, and assembling my own rifles from some of the best parts available, I decided to try this trigger and WOW! I could never go back to a standard trigger after that. Its smooth, short pull with predictable break instantly improved my score and brought previously difficult shots well within my reach. The trigger was as easy to install as the stock unit, but its like putting a Mercedes AMG engine into an Audi; even a nice rifle will function and help you shoot better with one of these in it. The old GI trigger instantly felt like I was dragging a shovel through gravel. People polish triggers, but doing that with a standard trigger is a waste of time, IMO. In terms of return on investment, this is the easiest, most effective change you can make to improve your results. You just aren't going to get close to a Geissele trigger with anything else on the market!

June 3rd, 2016

EASIEST ADD-ON FOR A COLT 6920 - James Hilburn

I could not be happier with this purchase. Thanks again for a great product and speedy delivery.

May 26th, 2016

2 thumbs way, way up - David

Loved everything about my new Sig MCX in 300 blackout ... except the stock trigger. Everytime I pulled that muddy, heavy abomination a kitten died.

Did a bunch of research on the interwebs and the Geissele SSA kept coming up. Figured I'd give it a shot and ordered one.

About four days later I had a surprisingly large package in the mailbox. Thanks for all the swag! This is my first rifle, but even I was able to swap out the existing 'trigger' for the SSA. Easy and function check went just fine.

But what about actual ... you know ... shooting? Just got back from the range and had no problem getting groups within fist-sized holes, with iron sights mind you.

Ridiculously accurate and well-made product. Two thumbs up. Would definitely buy again. Am on my ipad and it won't let me select '5 stars.'

May 8th, 2016

AAA - Felix

Got it today. Took me a whole 10 min. to put it in (mind you I have never done this before). The video on your site was very helpful. Great AMERICAN made product. Cant wait to try it out on the range. THANK YOU !!!

April 14th, 2016

Why did I wait so long?! - Hunter

I've been thinking about a trigger for way too long and finally decided to make the purchase. After tons of research I went with this Geissele SSA. Ummmm....Wow. What a difference it makes!
Smooth and fast. Installed in about 5 minutes with no special tools and I even got a hat and some cool stickers and patches.
Fast shipping, excellent product! Now I wanna shoot all the time but the wife says I have to go to work....crap.
Best upgrade ever.

January 20th, 2016

Every AR should have a Geisselle - Rich

I'd never touched, let alone shot, an AR before buying my first, a Gen 1 Barrett Rec 7 in 5.56. I didn't know it at the time but it came with an SSA pre-installed; I still don't know if it was stock from Barrett or if the dealer I bought the rifle from installed it. So I had no idea what a bad AR trigger felt like until I bought my second AR, which came with a standard mil-spec trigger. Wow! The difference is night and day; I refused to shoot that new AR until I put a Geisselle in it. Every owner should put Geissele triggers in their AR's; they’re more than worth the investment.

December 11th, 2015


I ordered 2 SSA's during the Black Friday sale. They showed up today and I installed them. Ruger AR-556 and Sig 516. Holy Cow were they easy! Watched Mr. G's video a couple times and jumped in. The first one took me 20 mins start to finish. The second only took 15, no rushing. The Trigger Fitting Pin/Tool certainly helped. (I recommend)
These are as good or better than the triggers on my hunting rifles. Crisp, light and consistent. Like the man said, a carrot breaking. Gotta get out to the range and check the groups. HAVE to be improvement.
If you have or plan to purchase an AR Platform rifle the SSA Trigger should be your #1 priority upgrade!
Thank you!

December 9th, 2015

Ruger SR 7.62 needed a trigger. - George

I have been shooting AR-15 / M-16 's of all make and model since 1969. Thru the years I have used just about every trigger available. I learned how to safely adjust the stock trigger but I always looked for something better. When I found out from Midway and Brownells about this 2 stage trigger I decided I would try one. I had a new Ruger SR 7.62 that I thought I would try it in so I bought one from Midway, ( I see if I had bought one direct I would have gotten some swag, oh well). anyhow I installed the trigger and could not be happier. people ask why spend so much money. Well it cost about 10% the cost of an SR 7.62. And it does exactly what is said. It may be the best trigger for this platform, I want to shoot it some more before proclaiming it the best. One thing I will note. The instructions say it can be installed without removing the safety. But the Ruger trigger would not clear the safety by a couple thousance so in my SR 762 the stock safety was removed and the stock trigger dropped right out. You could just loosen the safety for the needed clearance but removing it is no big deal. The product is excellent in its construction and hopefully longevity. I think we have a winner......time will tell. 500 rounds and I have decided this is just what I needed.

November 22nd, 2015

Listen to your dealer - Donald

Last year I went on an AR binge. I had not owned AR for several years having been in and out of hospitals for many surgeries, and had lost interest.
Then a light came on thanks to a dealer. After having my fire rekindled I bought a Colt DE6920. It was like the carbine last issued to me prior to retiring from police work. It is a good carbine, with a typical trigger pull, down right horrible. My dealer handed me his M4 and told me to pull the trigger. WOW, I'd never felt such a pull on AR or M16A1s. So, I just had to try one. I built up 6 rifles keeping 3 for my recently restored collection. Well, one was great, and it paid off by shaving an inch off 100 yds groups, making a not too uncommon sub MOA shooter out of a 1.5-2.0 shooter. Two additional carbines, including an SBR and 16 inch mid-length, now have SSA firing controls installed. In a previous life, I also owned two gun shops. Had these been available in those days I would have recommended the SSA triggers to every customer owning an AR. Unlike many police departments, we were well trained and showed enough skill to install 3.5 pound connectors in our Glock pistols, avoiding the NY approach. All of our M4s would have sported Geiselle triggers. It is one more way to send bullets where they shouldn't go.

November 5th, 2015

Never going back - Jeremy

I bought the Geissele SSA for a Colt LE6920. The rifle is MilSpec, and the trigger is heavy and muddy but reliable. I wanted to keep the gun combat-focused, and that's what brought me to the SSA. At $220 I felt pretty nervous about the investment, but my philosophy with guns is "buy good, buy once; buy bad, buy twice," so I took the leap. I got my trigger (and free Geissele swag pack, thank you very much) in the mail after just a few days. The installation was a little difficult but to no fault of the product, it was my first trigger replacement, so it took a little while to figure out what I was doing. After about half an hour of fighting the trigger I finally finished, threw the upper back on, pulled the trigger, and immediately smiled. Charged the rifle, pulled the trigger. And again. And again. This trigger is absolutely incredible. The wall of the first stage is very noticeable, making both stages as crisp as possible. The reset is just as clean. The pull isn't match-grade light, but that's not what I wanted. It's advertised as a combat trigger, and that's exactly what is is: an incredible combat trigger (that being said I bet you could use this in a match without any complains). I can't wait to get this out to the range! Every AR I get from now on is simply going to need one of these in it.

October 17th, 2015

Works perfectly in LAR-9 - Dale

Trigger works perfectly in my early Rock River LAR-9 with unramped bolt and is a huge upgrade over the factory pull.

September 7th, 2015

The best damn trigger - Gene

As former military I was used to the standard pull of the trigger I bought this trigger about 3 months ago and having range time with this trigger is the best damn trigger in the world I swear if you buy any trigger this is the best trigger ever i used a guage and the pull of this trigger is just 4.25 lbs of pressure

September 6th, 2015

You got to buy this - Tony

My SSA arrived quickly and the package was full of swag (Thanks folks!). It took me less than 20 minutes to install this trigger and a large portion of that time was looking for the slave pin I dropped on my shop floor. This trigger offers a VAST improvement over the trigger on my Sig M400. I could not be happier with this purchase. Thanks again for a great product and speedy delivery.

December 13th, 2013
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