Geissele Combat Neck Covering (CNC) - Black

The Geissele Combat Neck Covering (CNC) is a shemagh made for us in Pakistan featuring a traditional Afghani pattern with Geissele enhancements woven in while on the loom, and is an excellent piece of kit!

The shemagh is essentially the multi-tool of garments.  These head wraps, similar to a bandana except much larger, originated in the Middle East to provide protection from direct sun exposure, along with protecting the mouth and eyes from blown dust and sand.  The fabric breathes well, helps to absorb sweat, can provide portable shade, and helps to insulate in cold environments.  They can be worn as a scarf or head wrap, used as a hasty sack, a light blanket, even folded up to make a little pillow if need be. 

Due to their functionality and usefulness, they have been adopted by many military forces around the world and, while not standard issue, can also be seen worn by US Soldiers, Marines, and USSOCOM Operators.


Geissele Combat Neck Covering (CNC) - Black Specification

Size:   43" X 43"
Color:   Black and White
Material:   100% Cotton
Made in:   Pakistan


Hand Wash in Warm Water. Do Not Bleach. Line Dry.

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