Geissele's Standard Lower Parts Kit, with Grip

The Geissele Standard Lower Parts Kit includes all the internal parts necessary to complete or rebuild your lower receiver and grip. This quality mil-spec kit features an improved safety detent and our specially designed Posi-Lock safety, which provides the end user a satisfying and positive tactile feedback when engaging the safe or fire position.

Geissele's Standard Lower Parts Kit, with Grip Specification

The Geissele Standard Lower Parts Kit, with Grip

  1. Takedown Pin & Pivot Pin Detents (2)   2. Takedown Pin & Pivot Pin Springs (2)
  3. Takedown Pivot Pin   4. Bolt Catch Plunger
  5. Bolt Catch Spring   6. Bolt Catch Coiled Pin
  7. Bolt Catch   8. Safety Detent
  9. Buffer Retainer 10. Buffer Retainer Spring
11. Safety Detent Spring  12. Takedown Pin
13. Magazine Release Button 14. Magazine Release Spring
15. Geissele Posi-Lock Safety  16. Magazine Catch
17. Coiled Trigger Guard Pin 18. Mil-Spec Trigger Guard
19. Grip Screw 20. Grip Screw Washer
21. A2 Pistol Grip  

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