MPX Recoil Spring Kit

During extensive testing of the MPX weapon system it was determined that the bolt speed in these systems is very high. Geissele Automatics feels the best way to increase the life of the trigger and the rest of the operating components is to tune the recoil system with different spring rates depending on the ammunition type being used. Geissele ships the trigger with three different spring sets to soften the carrier impulse.  The spring weights are about 30, 45, and 55% stronger than the stock recoil spring set. It is recommended the shooter choose the ammunition they plan on using and function test with the supplied spring sets. For optimum performance, the MPX must use the heaviest spring set while still providing full functionality. To select the best spring set we recommend starting with the yellow spring set and testing for proper operation. To test; shoot a magazine of 5 rounds observing the ejection pattern and if the bolt locks back on the final round. If this is successful shoot 5 magazines of 1 round each to observe if the bolt locks back on the last round. If the bolt fails to lock back or weak ejection is found then move to the lighter spring set which is painted red. Conversely, if the shooter feels the operating system is still too violent moving to the heavier spring set (indicated in white paint) can be tested for functionality.

MPX Recoil Spring Kit Specification

Three Spring Sets Included.

Red Spring Set - Approximately 30% stronger than the stock recoil spring.

Yellow Spring Set - Approximately 45% stronger than the stock recoil spring.

White Spring Set - Approximately 55% stronger than the stock recoil spring.

MPX Recoil Spring Kit Notes

Replacement Recoil Spring Kit for the Super MPX SSA Trigger.

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