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Super ACR Trigger

Super ACR Trigger

Super ACR Trigger

Type: 2 Stage
1st Stage
Weight Range:
2.75 - 3.0  lbs.
2nd Stage
Weight Range:
1.5 - 1.75 lbs.
Total Pull
Weight Range:
4.25 - 4.75lbs.
Adjustable: No
Recommended Use: Military, Law Enforcement, Hunting
Pin Size: Mil-Spec

All weights are approximates.

The Super ACR is a semi-automatic trigger for the Bushmaster ACR family of rifles.


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Super ACR Trigger

Full Description

The Super ACR offers improved ACR weapon system performance with a trigger similar in feel and operation to the Geissele Automatics' Super Semi-Automatic trigger.

NOTICE: Follow all Busmaster removal and installations to install this trigger. This trigger does not come with a Geissele hammer spring. The original Bushmaster hammer spring must be used with this trigger.


Additional Information

Notes The Geissele Super ACR triggers are manufactured in limited production runs and are not stocked at all times.
Size Standard Mil-Spec Pin
Intended Function Military, Law Enforcement, Hunting
Trigger Bow Type M4 Curved
Weapon Platform ACR



Super ACR Trigger

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overall rating 5.0

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Thank you, Geissele!! - John

Like the previous reviewer I love my ACR, but hated the stock trigger. It felt like I was grinding sand in gears every time I pulled the trigger. I just replaced it with the Super ACR trigger. What a beautiful difference this trigger makes. Silky smooth first stage and clean second stage break. No gritty feeling. I can't say enough how much an improvement this is. Installation can be a little frustrating, but that is in no way a fault of the trigger. Just be patient. There are a couple of really good videos on YouTube that show you how to do it. It took me about 10-15 minutes to swap it out. Only tools I used were a flat head screw driver and small punch. WATCH THE VIDEOS!!! Anyway, I can not be more pleased with this trigger. I'm now a Geissele customer for life.

June 3rd, 2016

Great upgrade for the ACR. - Derek

I really like my ACR but the factory trigger was grittier than a salty Drill Sgt. OEM trigger was heavy and felt like it had sand on the sear. I replaced it with this unit and OMG what a difference. 1st stage is about 2lbs, 2nd stage feels like 1 1/2 with a glass-like break. This feels closer to my SSA-E than it does my SSA. Also, there is almost zero overtravel. You might want to have a friend help you install it though, you'll need 6 hands. Maybe Bill can link a video of the install. It's kind of tricky to get the right leg of the hammer spring into position on the selector lever, when installing the hammer.

February 4th, 2016
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