SCH For AR15 Platform

Super Charging Handle (SCH®) 5.56

Super Charging Handle (SCH®) 5.56

Super Charging Handle (SCH®) 5.56

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The Super Charging Handle (SCH®) is 3D machined from a solid block of aircraft grade 7075-T6 aluminum. Its ambidextrous design allows for seamless operation from either side of the weapon.


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Regular Price: $89.00

Sale Price $66.75

Super Charging Handle (SCH®) 5.56

Full Description

The Super Charging Handle (SCH®) is 3D machined from a solid block of aircraft grade 7075-T6 aluminum. Its ambidextrous design allows for seamless operation from either side of the weapon. The levers are dual contoured similar to that of the charging handle of an M14, where not only the x-axis but also the y-axis receive radius cuts. The handling surface of the lever is also checkered, adding a textured grip aiding to the use when operating with gloves. The heightened rear lip of the SCH aids in mitigating gas blow back to the shooter when shooting with short barreled and suppressed weapon systems. All parts are then Type 3 Hardcoat anodized and are available in black and DDC (Desert Dirt Color).

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Notes Our 5.56 charging handles are also compatible with the HK416 rifle.
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Super Charging Handle (SCH®) 5.56

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Don't hesitate... - Patrick

Black Friday sale... Ordered 2. One Black, one DDC. Arrived ahead of schedule. Works flawlessly. Awesome upgrade to my rifles. Would highly recommend even at full price.

December 23rd, 2018

Vast improvement over standard CH's. - Adam B.

I have a variety of different charging handles in all my AR's. I always thought the Raptor & BCM gunfighter CH's would always be my favorite, until I bought the Geissele SCH. It is the best out there, hands down

December 22nd, 2018

Flawless - Fred

Just received my SCH today. Fit and finish is flawless. Very smooth operating. Ambi operation is so easy. Will treat myself to another for my MPX soon.

October 11th, 2018

Outstanding - *Moose

I’ve been through a few charging handles. Some I’ve liked and some not so much. This one is outstanding in every way, for me. I fully reccomend it for any shooter and might be switching out all others for this one.

August 25th, 2018

Excellent High Quality Charging Handle - Erich

I was looking to upgrade the BCM Gunfighter charging handle that came stock on my Barrett REC7 Gen II Flyweight AR. As I’d previously purchased a Geissele trigger for my AR, I was already very impressed with the quality of their products. So, it was an easy decision to purchase on of their SCH’s as a replacement for the BCM. Since I’m not going to be doing any Airborne insertions anytime soon I went with the SCH vs. the Airborne Charging Handle. The handle arrived today and was installed on my weapon. Geissele has done an outstanding job with this charging handle. Very well made, high quality, handle. Fit and finish is flawless. I’m very satisfied with this purchase. As another reviewer mentioned below, worth every penny.

June 5th, 2018

Worth every penny - Nick

The amount of grip that the checkering on this charging handle has cannot be put into words. Very well thought out design. Quality is second to none. Would recommend this to anyone in the market for an ambidextrous charging handle.

February 15th, 2018

Excellent - Mark

Not sure it's worth the price, but it matches my hand guard and scope mount, and it's OVER built :-)

February 8th, 2018

Very smooth operating - Thomas

I had a BCM Gunfighter ambi on my rifle. I never got finger pinch as some have, but it didn't seem to run very smoothly. This SCH has smaller bevels running down each side, giving more surface area to bear inside in receiver. I think that's what makes it not bind up in operation. The checkering seems more grippy too, without being rasp-like.

February 3rd, 2018

Very pleased - Michael

As with the other Gisselle products I’ve purchased am pleased with the quality of the charging handle. It’s made an already good rifle better.

January 25th, 2018

Ergonomic - Gunner B

This is well made charging handle and the ergonomic feel of the handles is incredible, only issue I have is that you cannot return the charging handle forward by pushing on the back latch handles, you have to push on the center which is counter-intuitive to us Military users.

November 10th, 2017

Best on the Market - Tyler

Love this charging handle. Sold my Raptors and VLTORs and now my carbines all have Super Charging Handles. Love the materials, finish, and how smooth the levers work. Also happy with how well this product stops gasses from coming through the rear of the receiver, since I shoot suppressed DI guns.

Excellent as always, if you're on the fence, get off it!

October 30th, 2017

Excellent design - Robert

Its no suprise this is the smoothest and best ambi charging handle out there its a Geissele made product . I replaced a well known ambi charging handle with the SCH and immeditatly felt much smoother in the action and no more finger pinch , thanks again for top notch products

October 7th, 2017

Flawless - JP

This is my new go to CH. It tops my axts/ umbrella corp CH. They both have identical levers on both sides but to me Geissele's is more comfortable and more importantly you can always find one.

July 14th, 2017

Great product! - Humberto

I am a long time Geissele Automatics trigger customer. I run SSA-Es in all but one of my AR rifles and even have a Scar and Tavor triggers they make. I have always used the extensions for the Mil-spec handles on the ARs but they always felt sloppy. I tried a BCM Gunfighter handle with large catch in one rifle but I am not completely happy with it. At this years NRA annual meet, I was happy to see Geissele decided to make a charging handle and even happier when I tried it out and it didn't pinch my fingers if it was grabbed to close to the center. Unfortunately, they didn't have any for sale at the show. But I picked one up as soon as they became available. Wow this thing feels good! Very well put together and smooth engagement and disengagement of the catch and no biting. This will be my go to charging handle going forward. I will probably try the ACH for my rifles with red dots. Great product Geissele. Keep up the great work!

June 30th, 2017

Worth the Extra Few Dollars - Michael

Customer Support Dan recommended the Super Charging Handle to improve the functioning of my Daniel Defense 16" Barrel AR-15. He recommended it because the low cost of the Geissele Handle was worth the increased functionality of the DD AR-15. The functionality and quality of the Geissele Handle are immediately seen compared to the very nice DD mil spec handle. Plus, Geissele Customer Support personnel are the best. I also purchase one of Geissele SSA-E triggers, which is the best on the market. Geissele and his staff are professional and can be trusted.

June 20th, 2017

A new standard in charging handles! - Wisconsinite

Without a doubt, one of my favorite upgrades!
I find that using the right side of the charging handle feels more natural and quicker than my oem handle.

Quality of build is superb! Very smooth operation whether pulling from left, right or both side(s) of handle.
An added bonus was finding out this charging handle also works as a 'gas-buster' for use with suppressors... lets all hope the hearing protection act (HR367) goes through!

I wouldn't recommend any other charging handle!
Super enthused about finding a product that goes above and beyond expectations! :)

June 15th, 2017

Super Charging Handle for AR-15 a Winner! - JV

I ran out of update tweaks on my DPMS “Sweet 16” flat-top with s/s bull barrel after installing a ProMag MOE rifle stock & stock extension, a Sharps Xtreme Performance Bolt Carrier Group, and a Geissele Tricon 2-Stage Trigger. So when I saw the new Geissele Super Charging Handle (SCH) discounted for the Memorial Day weekend, I decided to go for it. I’m happy I did.
Like a number of aftermarket ambidextrous charging handles, the Geissele integrates the latch release with the charging handle resulting in a thicker, more 3-Dimensional shape that is more comfortable regardless of what kind of grip you use – claw, finger/thumb or palm. Forward-facing surfaces are heavily textured for sure-grip even in wet conditions, but there are no sharp edges to dig into the flesh.
I believe that Geissele is unique in offering a design concept where the two sides of the handle are symmetrical, mirror images. The left side handle acts directly on the latch; the right side acts upon the left side with what looks like an internal cam mechanism. I admire the simple elegance of the design, and assume that this element is the subject of Geissele’s pending patent.
The SCH has a noticeably smoother and more precise action than the MilSpec it replaced. It’s a more robust piece that my postal scale said was 0.2oz heavier (25%), and it’s machined out of a solid chunk of 7075-T6, which is 70-80% stronger than the best 6061 alloy. Add Type 3 hardcoat anodizing and top notch build quality, and you have a significant upgrade in form and function.
Will this component make your AR-15 shoot any better? Probably not, but it will make it more user friendly and give it a clean, distinctive appearance. The only downside I see is that the handles protrude an additional 7mm/0.28” on each side, which make them the furthermost projections on the rifle.
I definitely recommend this product, it’s a winner.

June 6th, 2017

Great charging handle - Wolf

I really like this charging handle. I got one in the Desert Dirt Color. I like the ambi features, the raised rear lip, and the checkering provides a positive grip. I'll be picking up a few more.

April 30th, 2017
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