Super Gas Block - Black

The Geissele Super Gas Block is a low profile gas block, designed to fit under most free floating handguards. Precision investment cast from 17-4 precipitation hardening stainless steel, the gas block provides corrosion resistance and strength to withstand thousands of rounds and never let you down. The included instructions cover the standard set screw installation method, as well as Geissele's own "Bombproof Installation". The bombproof installation uses an included coil pin to lock the gas block in place on the barrel so that it will never slide or twist under any operating conditions.  Additionally the Super Gas Block comes with a SS dowel pin that can be used to effortlessly line up the SGB to Geissele CHF barrels to ensure a perfect alignment with the gas port.

Super Gas Block - Black Specification

  • Color: Black
  • Gas Block Journal Size-Diameter: .750 in
  • Compatibility: AR Platform
  • Material: Precipitation Hardened Stainless Steel

Super Gas Block - Black Notes

The bore of the SGB is machined to closely fit around .750” diameter mounting bosses found on most M4 Carbines and AR-15 rifles.



  • Bombproof Coil Pin
  • 2 set screws
  • Gas tube coil pin
  • Stainless steel barrel alignment pin


Installing your SGB on a Geissele CHF barrel using the included Alignment Pin

  • The purpose of this alignment pin is to easily index the SGB gas port with your barrels gas port by simply mating the pin to the corresponding machined groove in the gas block shoulder of your Geissele Barrel.  The alignment pin is installed into the hole located at the top rear of the SGB facing the gas journal shoulder. The pin can simply be installed in the gas block by being tapped with a mallet or pressed in until it stops.
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