Tavor® SAR Barrel Wrench Tool

The proper factory barrel wrench tool for barrel removal from your Tavor® SAR.

• Made of Steel

• Made in Israel

Before You Remove Your Barrel:

Please perform the following steps found in your Tavor® SAR manual before you remove your barrel:
Section 15.5 Removal/Installation of Flattop Rail; for removal of the flattop rail.
Section 15.6 Removal/Installation of Front Swivel and Lock; for removal of the front swivel and lock.
Section 15.7 Removal/Installation of Foregrip Group; for removal of the foregrip.
Section 15.8 Removal/Installation of Cocking Group; for removal of the cocking group.

Once the above have been completed then you can follow:
Section 15.10 Removal/Installation of Barrel Group to remove the barrel.

Warning: Removing your barrel without completing Sections 15.5 - 15.8 first will damage your barrel.

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Tavor® SAR Barrel Wrench Tool Notes


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